Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ, an acronym for “Frequently Asked Questions,” is a compilation of inquiries that are commonly posed by parents regarding a particular fee, dance type, exams offered, or general information. It serves as a helpful resource offering concise and clear answers to these recurring queries. They provide a convenient way for parents to access essential information swiftly without needing to reach out directly for assistance. Organized in a user-friendly format, FAQs streamline communication, enhance your experience, and serve as an informative tool for quick reference, ensuring that parents can easily find solutions or gain clarity on frequently encountered issues or questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What associations is the studio affiliated with?

The studio is affiliated with (Acrobatic Solo Dance Sport Association) A.S.S.A, (Arcobatic Federation of South Africa) A.F.S.A, DanceCor, (Royal Academy of Dance) R.A.D

When are dance fees payable?

All dance fees are payable in advance, monthly fees are due before the 5th of the month. Termly fees are due by 15th January, 5th April, July 5th and October 5th

When is the Studio Registration due?

Depending on the number of dance forms your child is doing, refer to fees. Registration is the first fee which must be paid before your child starts. Registration is due at the beginning of the year; however, it reduces each quarter by 25% depending on when you register with the studio

If my child missed a lesson will it be made up?

Unfortunately, lessons missed will NOT be made up unless it is the fault of the Studio

Are there refunds for classes missed?

No refunds will be given for classes missed

May we stay and watch the class?

The studio does not encourage parents to watch to often as this distracts the child and teacher

When is the Acro Sport Registration due?

Acro Sport registration is broken down into different levels. Refer to general information. These are due at the beginning of the year and it is not the same as the studio registration. NOTE: (Acrobatic Solo Dance Sport Association) A.S.S.A is affiliated with Dance Sport and (South African Sport confederation and Olympic Committee) SASCOC 

Do we qualify for South African Colours?

The studio is associated with (Acrobatic Solo  Dance Sport Association) A.S.S.A, cause this sport is not international you can only qualify for regional, provincial and federation colours.

Does the studio do examinations?

Examinations are provided with the following dance forms Acrobatics, Modern and Ballet and they take place in the first half of the year

Does the studio compete internationally?

Yes, the studio does compete internationally, these competitions vary from year to year. Refer to events

Who to speak to if there is an account issue?

With all account issues please email –