Welcome to J&C Dance Creations

J&C Dance Creations is a proudly family run dance studio that has a truly spectacular legacy in the dance industry. The studio started with Beryl Alison and continued on with her daughters. Specializing in Acrobatic dance.  Jackie taught all Acrobatic and Modern Dance classes until she grew the studio to the point where she was able to hire multiple high trained dance teachers, that allowed the dance studio to diversify into dance forms such as Acrobatics, Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, tumbling, Hip Hop, examination classes, Body conditioning and open class/workshops. Carol went on to dance professionally, when she settled down, she started teaching in south Africa and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. She has now joined the J&C Dance Creations Family. 

Jackie’s daughters have continued her dance legacy. Cassandra has taken over  the modern dance department at J&C, and started a new studio in Craighall. Genevieve has gone on to open up her own dance studio in South Africa. Kaylee has become the head of Acrobatics in Dubai and a professional dancer. 

Some of Jackie’s other students such as Samantha and Tamzin have gone on to study dance professionally and are now successful dance teachers and chorographers at J&C Dance Creations. 

We allow our students to become professional dances and teachers through our examination process. This process has created teachers and dances who now have careers globally.

Over the lifetime of the studio it  has dominated the South African dance competition scene in multiple genres. Having established a reputation for creating talented and successful dancers, this allows J&C  to grow stronger each year. 

J&C Dance Creations not only competes on a national scale but also internationally.

 We pride ourselves on the development of our dancers starting from 3 years all the way to their professional careers. We also host open classes for adults to stay fit and healthy while learning a beautiful art form.

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